Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dead Wood - Folute

The nice folk at Bang The Bore have set up a forum on their website, and one of the participating projects initiated there is 'Twenty/Twenty'. The idea being 20 individuals make 20 copies of their own music in a format of their choosing. They then swap their music with the other 19 people on the list, so everyone is in receipt of a copy of each of the limited editions, includig their own. The deadline is tomorrow, which coincides with the next Bang The Bore event, John Butcher at the Medieval Castle Vault in Southampton, Hampshire. Some of us will be trading in person at the show, although most are being exchanged through the mail.

I recorded my contribution yesterday, an 18 minute minimal textural drone piece. After being jinxed with equipment failure lately, this was no exception, and took me the whole day and night to finish. Today I made 20 copies on 3" CDR and fixed up the packaging which includes stickered cases, plain white jigsaws and white velvet drawstring bags. I think the packaging suits the sound well, I'm happy with how these have turned out.

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