Sunday, 4 September 2011

No Context live at St. Aldhelm's Chapel

Above is some footage recorded last Saturday afternoon when I went for a jam with No Context at St Aldhelm's Chapel on the South Coast of Dorset. The outcome was an hour of improvised electronics mixed with natural sounds on the day including tourist visitors and swallows inside the chapel. No Context on this occasion was myself, Adrian Newton, Allan Upton and Arthur Newton.

In the evening I played a noise set a house show in Bournemouth, along with hardcore bands Ed WoodLucky Ones Die First and Witch Cult. Cheers to everyone that made it down, and a super big thanks to the awesome Georgia for putting on this show at her house. Fun times! 

In other news, some of my forest jams recorded this summer will be released on the We're gonna get fucking drunk tonight boys label, run by Mr Andrew Perry. And the lathe picnic plate 7" with Phantom Heron Seas will be out on my own label Dirty Demos probably towards the end of September.

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