Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dead Wood - Arrival Transfer

This weekend I made a track for the latest Disquiet Junto project, Radius Joint. Click the photo above to listen / download. 

I've known about Junto since the start but have only really been getting into in the past few weeks. I like the community aspect and getting to hear what other artists have created with their contributions. Each week is a new project and the whole thing is hosted at Soundcloud. 

The Assignment for this week is to make a piece of music between 2-4 minutes long using the 14 second jingle from the Radius radio show as the sole sound source, with processing permitted. Tracks must also include the original jingle at the beginning. 

I've been wanting to do some computer creations for a while now and after having a go a few months back, my beloved original PC finally died, so I'm now learning about music things on the Mac. I made this by editing some loops from the jingle and jammed them with looping, effects and things in Reaktor. I wanted to make something rhythmical and had some fun trying.   

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