Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Amps Against Trend

Most of my spare time over the past few months has been spent putting a new label together. The focus of Amps Against Trend is loud music, expect noise/pv/grind. I'm having fun with all this right now and have decided to make 3.5" floppy disk the main format for the time being. In this short space of time things have moved quickly and there's already 4 releases out including a Witch Cult 10 disk floppy disk box set! This is a re release of their 10 track 1 sided 12", now spread over 10 floppy disks. Yes, this is ridiculous, I know this only too well. There's 50 copies, so that was 500 disks to copy and spray paint! Thankfully the band came round and we all did the spray painting together.

Other releases include a floppy disk by my friends Ladstorm, titled xSHITFACEDx. 40 copies, 6 songs, 90 seconds, powerviolence. Thanks to Georgia for making the awesome inverted cross England cases. And thanks to Dom and Loz for being lovely gentlemens. 

This release is a noise collaboration I did with Matthew Shaw. This is 2 90 second cuts from a show we played together at The Winchester pub in Bournemouth. Matthew wrote a nice write up about how this all came about which can be read here. There's 30 copies of these which come in handmade wooden cases which I made, and individually painted. These too a long, long time to make!

And the first release on the label was a 90 second drone excursion by Petals titled Machynlleth for over an hour. This came out on the 7th May, 15 copies and is now sold out. Thanks to Kelly for helping me sew/make the cases.