Monday, 31 December 2012

Futurepast Issue 4

A few weeks ago I was interviewed about Dead Wood activities for the fourth issue of Futurepast. The zine is out now and also includes other interviews with Justice and Burlish. This whole thing is put together by Midlands based music enthusiast Anand Patel, who's passion regardless of genre or trend is something I genuinely admire. Futurepast 4 is available for free from various record stores around Birmingham, or feel free to email direct for a copy.    

Friday, 21 December 2012

Buben - The House Of My Ancestors (Family Tree Remix by Dead Wood)

I recently made a remix of a track by Belarus producer Vladislav Buben for a competition hosted by Tibprod Italy. I turned Part 3 of 'The House Of My Ancestors' into a zoned out droner using patches I created using Reaktor software. Click on the photo above to hear the results. Danielle at Tibprod Italy was enthusiastic about the remix, and a compilation of the chosen mixes will be available on CD and digital download sometime in the new year.  

Thanks to Curt

Photo of Dead Wood taken at the Bournemouth house show a few months ago. Thanks to Curt for asking me to play.