Friday, 26 April 2013

Knifedoutofexistence / Dead Wood - God Loves His World And All The Creatures In It

Over the past six months I've been doing some recording with my good friend Dean, Knifedoutofexistence. Out now on Amps Against Trend is a double floppy disk pack titled God Loves His World And All The Creatures In It. Two 90 second blasts of noise, outsider electronix and screaming, all recorded in the garden shed at the house where I live in Dorset. Edition of 40 copies, available now from the Amps Against Trend Store.

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  1. Hello there, my name is Sergi and I write from Barcelona. Here I do 2 musical web-Zines and other little thing around ... music ... noise. I listened something your, and my question is: it could possible to recieve a bandcamp, comptimed link or something like that? after I can to write a review. .... Ah! i started a kind of survey and I ask everybody: ¿what are your 10 Noise favourites albums?
    thanks friend. see you later.