Friday, 26 April 2013

Vejgaard Ambient / Andrew Perry/Dead Wood - Split cassette

For several years now I've been meeting up for improv jams with my good buddy Andrew Perry. A few years back we had a album out on Striate Cortex and I also released a lathe cut 7" on Dirty Demos. This month we have a new release on Copenhagen based label A Beard Of Snails, a split c58 cassette with Vejgaard Ambient. Our side of the tape is titled Peter Schmeichel's Excitable Tricycle and features 8 tracks recorded at my old house in Blandford Forum and the garden shed in Wareham. Here's the label's description for an idea of how it sounds: "Here be fearless(ly) prepared guitar, drone/doom filth, and creeping curiousities. Ominous excursions and odd jaunts - devoid of beats and melody, but exceptionally "dream(y), baby, dream(y.)"
Edition of 52, available now from A Beard of Snails store.       

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